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Notes about the Photographs displayed on the site

Photographs size is adapted to your screen. Their big dimension allows a good vision but, to balance the higher occupancy in terms of Internet bandwidth, they’ve all been reduced to a maximum of 400Kb in size. This means that, in some photographs, you’ll see some JPG artifact that, of course is NOT visible on printed photographs. Choosing large images dimension has, unfortunately, this drawback. Since high-speed Internet connectivity coverage is progressing we’re confident to be able to remove this limitation in a near future. Photographs are electronically signed using DIGIMARC technologies and we’re able to track their use or abuse allover the Internet. For an optimal vision we suggest, moreover, to use high resolution monitor (i.e. 1680×1050) and to enlarge the screen. The Images should be resized accordingly. This site is supposed to work well on IPhones, Androids, iPAD. For any inconvenience please contact us.

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